Sick Vegan! 10 Ways to feel better! PLUS VEGAN recipes!

So the past 3-4 weeks I have been sickly. Like Almost dying sick. This is due to a small cute furry creature you all are familiar with, a CAT! I’m basically stuck at my mothers house where I share my living quarters with this cat and apart from my asthma I’m deathly allergic to this cat.


I went to the Doctors a few weeks back and all he did was put me on a nebulizer (albuterol) and my ventolin inhaler with some prednisone (steroid) (which i never took I didnt want to unbalance my hormones) singular and a cough medicine (Robitussin DM) . These medications did help in my asthma attacks but I was getting little to no sleep, maybe 2 hours a night. I would wake up gasping for air, and all you asthma people know exactly how terrifying this is. I never had it this bad since i was maybe 12 years old. But being around this cat (which i had no choice) really put me into an unhealthy sickly state.


Now around this time I started juicing and started my VEGAN journey maybe a week before i came to my mothers house to visit. I felt pretty good for the first  week away not stepping into that house. After 3 days of staying at my mothers the allergic reaction kicked in.  I stayed at my mothers for maybe a week than i left again only to return again the week after.

To make a long story short….if you have no other choice but to stay with a feline I would recommend the next few steps which worked for me or at least alleviated my allergic reaction. FYI- Iam in no way saying these are fho sho results or am I implying that I am a medical Doctor but this is what works for yours truly.

  1. REPLACE your AIR FILTERS! —-This will do wonders i tell you! to provide a clean airflow you must change them every month especially if you have pet(s)
  2. Cat Lock Down!—–Try to keep the animal that is causing your reaction in a separate room, preferably far away from you, the dander is what kills me so putting the cat away helped, make sure they have plenty of toys to play with.
  3. HALLS—-For crazy coughing nothing works better than halls! I love this stuff! kinda like candy for me
  4. NYQUIL/DAYQUIL——Theses are my GOTO OT (over the counter) medicine that always seems to do the trick, especially at night when you cant sleep bc of that darn coughing! your inhaler should always be kept on you and for extreme cases your nebulizer ready to go!
  5. keep WARM——Sweater, socks, sweat pants, thermal etc. keeping your body at a warm rate will eliminate the asthma attacks. I find that I cough a lot more when im in a cooler environment than a warm one. so keep warm! if need be wear a face mask! I did! lol really helped me.
  6. RELAX—–NO you cant go to the gym NO you cant run a marathon! just keep it low key with a heating blankey some halls a good flick, your fur babies that dont cause your allergic reaction/asthma, and some hot tea .
  7. Consume warm foods nothing COLD—-this goes back to #5. by maintaing a warm body temp. your reducing the risk of an asthma attack. trust me on this one! hot tea is best nothing with MILK or DIARY, those will cause more flem and mucus build up!
  8. Take HOT STEAMY showers—–just as in #5 keeping warm, the steam from the hot shower acts in a similar way as the nebulizer, it will open up your air ways and allow you to breath more regularly. This technique always works for me If i don’t have my nebulizer/inhaler, or if my asthma isn’t that bad that I need to take either one.
  9. Drink Plenty of Veggie Drinks! ——– I love these drinks especially bc they are specifically made for asthma reactions. Not only are they extremely great for supporting your immune system which is probably shot by now, but it will help your asthma as well. Check out this link for some asthma remedies just for juicing! My fav Romain Apple orange!
  10. Eat Healthy—– Apart from drinking plenty of all natural juices as mentioned above, having soups filled natural vitamins and boosting immune system function will greatly help achieve a healthier state.Some of my Favs:

Hope you feel better if your sick as a dog like me but I am slowly coming out of it, just need to get outta my moms! 3 days and counting till we go back to my lovely home with my husband in Colorado ❤



❤ Zen

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Judicious Juice Sites!

I’ve been through many sites but I’ve come across a few that I really absolutely LOVE! and would recommend to anyone who is juicing or considering to juice in the future, its defiantly something i recommend to do if you want to do a cleanse or detox, even if its for 3 days, the benefits will surprise you. It surprised me! Let me warn you though the first few days are going to SUCK! but after about a week and a half you gets this amazing burst of energy and feel overall AWESOME! Happy and healthy 🙂

The BEST site that includes loads i mean LOADS of info (besides the simple ingredients and how to process them) such as the health benefits of each fruit/veggie, you can even define it to the specific health condition you are trying to solve, plus the nutritional facts when juiced and as a solid! i mean this is the site of all sites for juicing really love it!

Juicer Recipes

Another great site that includes Raw Living lifestyle is listed below. It has many great recipes for living a 801010 lifestyle and also Juice recipes and smoothies , includes awesome yummy looking pix as well.

Raw Food Recipes

Now for Vegans or Raw Foodist another great site is listed below. It dosen’t have all the fancy pictures of health nutritional facts but it does have SO many great Food recipes and juice recipes. I can get lost in this site! and it also explains the differences between A vegan Vegetarian and a Raw Foodist.

Living and Raw Foods

Another great website that I Love because they have plans on juicing wether it be 7 days or 3 days. They have juicing tips recipes alos and a FAQ page.

Just on Juice

There are many great websites I’m sure I haven’t found yet but I will add any new Awesome ones when i find them 🙂


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Basics Of Juicing

  1. Start off by leaving out all the fruits & veggies at least 30-45mins before juicing so that the enzymes in them can work better. (The facts behind enzymes)
  2. In a container, fill halfway up with water and soak your organic fruits/veggies for at least 15mins. (Why organic?)
  3. Turn on your juicer for at least 10 seconds to get the blades going (Which juicer is right for me?)
  4. Feed your Juicer with less juicy veggies such as kale and moderate them with juicer fruits/veggies such as carrots/oranges to help pass them along the juicer.
  5. Drink up! Try to drink immediately as the enzymes in the fruits/veggies will start to dwindle away almost immediately. Dont chug it either but don’t let it stand for more than an hour is my rule of thumb.


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Going Raw 801010

I’m going Raw Yay!!

Going Raw is defined as eating only uncooked, unprocessed, organic 80% Veggies & Fruits 10% protein and 10%fat, its not completely vegetarian or vegan as those are along the same line but have different guidelines. (Check this link out to see the difference). Why am I going Raw?  Well my main reason is my Hormonal Imbalance, which causes my acne and a list of other problematic health issues within my body, nothing too major but nonetheless its not fun!


My Skin Story

Ever since I went through that wonderful experience called puberty at age 14 (yea, i know late bloomer) I’ve had major acne breakouts and for a while it controlled my life, my social network, my confidence, everything. I went on EVERY acne cream, ointment, prescription drugs both topical and oral, proactive, over the counter products, at home remedies etc. nothing worked except this drug now banned called “Accutane“. This was my last resort and my parents to my dreadful monster cystic ance. trust me it was so bad. So this crazy medication was highly recommended by my Dermatologist, go figure. So I went on this pill for about 3 months and it did clear my skin! I was super happy right. Little did i know what this pill was doing to my body, it made my hormones out of wack, while it suppressed my acne for years it made my cycle very irregular. I than had to go on “yaz” which was the big name back than and little did i know that drug would soon have a law suit going on in the future. The yaz gave me terrible side affects, really made me crazy and formed horrible blood clots. I eventually got off “yaz” and went on another BC pill.

In March of 2012, I went into an emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy. I had no idea I was pregnant, by this time I had been married to my husband for a year and we were actively trying for a baby for a while. I did have my menstrual cycle but had some major pains. Long story short I was roughly 11 weeks pregnant, had my surgery which took me 4 weeks to recover from and forever to mentally recover from, my hormones became out of wack again and my acne started haunting me yet again! To this day I still have some horrible acne that is hormonal, my reproductive organs have taken effect to this imbalance as well.

I recently bought a book called “AcneNoMore“. It mentioned living a holistic lifestyle and went in depth about the foods you put into your system. After reading this i was intrigued so I dove into researching about this Holistic lifestyle. I saw many documentaries my fav so far is “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” you can find it on netflix as well as many other documentaries such as the “Gerson treatment” which also mentions the healing powers of organic unprocessed uncooked foods. All this info got me SUPER excited to start this “Raw” lifestyle and this is my reason to, to live not only a healthy long life, but to heal my own body with my own body with the help of this Raw lifestyle.

So Here goes my little experiment! I’m going to stay completely dedicated to this plan:

  • Starting off with a 7 Day Detox/Cleanse
  • Eating Raw 801010
  • Intake natural vitamins such as maca root etc
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Exercising
  • Enjoying life 🙂


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Meal Plan 1: Get Em’

Day: One

Week: One

  1. Breakfast 

Description: Scrambled Eggs & Oats with Cookies & Cream Protein shake


  • Eggs (6) (2ppl)
  • Turkey slices
  • Corn
  • Tomatoes
  • Black Pepper
  • American Cheese
  • Oatmeal
  • Protein Powder (Gold Standard) add water

Pretty simple for this morning, some scramble eggs with the yolk (trying to use all our eggs until we grocery shop, in which egg whites will replace the eggs), turkey slices (we ran out of again we need to grocery shop for our healthy fuel but until than we must use what we currently have. We always use black pepper to top our meals, pepper is known to improve digestion

Oatmeal is a great source of carbs, you can add bananas/strawberries/blueberries/apples etc, our oatmeal is flavored maple and cinnamon.

Gold Standard Protein Shake; added some water to the cookies and cream perfect 30 minutes after your workout to feed those muscles!

2. Brunch

Description: Protein Shake


  • Gold Standard Protein Powder (add water or milk with a banana)

Light weight yet perfect to feed your appetite in between meals, especially after a “Leg Day”, if your especially hungry try adding a banana with some low fat milk to fill you up and add some extra potassium into your diet.

3. Lunch

Description: Chicken Spinach Salad with some H20 (water)


  • Grilled Chicken slices
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Baby Spinach
  • Italian dressing

My favorite of all! Grill some chicken (we use a George Foreman grill) add your preferred seasoning we use “Zesty Lemon”, chop everything else up and add the grape tomatoes, top off with Italian dressing for a satisfying lunch.

4.  Dinner

Description: Applebees; Tilapia with veggies/ Chicken fried steak


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“Squats & Deadlifts; Sure you may prefer one over the other but you would be a fool not to do them both”

601897_4791220497906_87123860_n 66845_4791220217899_1205398358_n

Always start with the bar on the floor. Pulling from the safety pins is a Rack Pull. Deadlifting top down is a Romanian Deadlift. With conventional DEADlifts the bar must always start on the floor. Here’s how to Deadlift in 5 easy steps:

  1. Stand with the bar above the center of your feet – your stance should be a bit more narrow than shoulder-width to give your arms room.
  2. Grab the bar overhand so your arms are vertical to the floor – if your hamstrings are tight, do Squat 2 stands to boost your hip flexibility.
  3. Bend through your knees until your shins hit the bar which must remain above the middle of your feet. Shoulder-blades directly over the bar.
  4. Lift your chest but don’t squeeze your shoulder-blades like on Squats. Just put your shoulders back & down, head inline with rest of your spine.
  5. Pull – keep the bar close to your body, roll it over your knees and thighs until your hips and knees are locked. Do not lean back at the top.

And that’s all there is to it. Lower the bar by pushing your hips back first, and then bend your knees once the bar reaches knee level (NOT before otherwise the bar will hit your knees). Repeat for 5 reps


551443_4791221057920_1252778376_n 58123_4791221857940_2012013363_n 72194_4791221497931_1815197798_n

Excuse my horrible ” Push past pain” faces lol and that oh so sexy vein popping from my temples & those awkward shoes lol but I was doing some work! did 5 reps/ 20 each set Weight: 65lbs. (I’m 105lbs)


  • Did the stair stepper for 10 minutes no hands at intervals of 70 rest & 85/95 (finished strong)
  • 65lb Squat
  • Ran 2.0 miles @ a speed of 6.0 (20 mins total)
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Monday: Honesty is the best Policy!!

Monday was not the best day for me I have to admit but its still a work in progress! Breakfast was perfect and so was the post workout protein shake but dinner really killed it lol. I did burn a lot of calories today so I’m not beating myself over it too much. The ONE problem I had today was that I burned more calories than I ate which is no bueno! I made the mistake of thinking my shake would be enough, (since I didnt feel hungry) mostly due to the fact that I had 3 scoops of my pre workout which really messed me up. (made me nauseous & sick). It was an okay day, tomorrow will be better, it can only get better.

Meal 1: Pico De Gallo Scrambled eggs (Optional toast)


OR strictly just the scrambled eggs with black pepper as usual

Meal 2: Protein Shake (Banana)


Meal 3: Panda Express


As far as fast food goes I think this is way better than jack in the box! Honey walnut shrimp, orange chicken and fried rice, I only ate about half of this


2 scoops of pre-workout is enough!

Always consume plenty of calories after a strenuous work out, if not your body starts eating at your muscle and NOT your fat!

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